• The New THZ series

    AC Power - Harsh environment

ICEL S.r.l. officially presented a brand-new AC-Power series during the PCIM2018 show in Nurnberg (5-7 June 2018). The THZ series represents a fundamental innovation and solution for power applications at operating conditions with high temperature and high humidity levels (the so-called “Harsh environments”).

ICEL S.r.l. R&D and technical office developed special materials design and execution to guarantee excellent performances in AC-Power applications up to high voltage ratings, combined with very good performances in harsh environments.

Together with the high ratings and performances, THZ was also designed to guarantee reasonable dimensions and prices, compared to the existing AC-Power series.

A slight de-rating of the maximum AC rated voltage ensures the AEC Q-200 85/85/1000 (Level 1) test compliance.

THZ series also passes the AEC Q-200 cockpit test, the 70/70/1000 test and the IEC60068-2-67 humidity load test (Test Cy) at full ratings.

The new THZ series is the starting point for the development of further new types which will complete ICEL S.r.l. offer for harsh environment applications.

  • Main characteristics

    MKP; box with multiple radial terminals; High reliability; Harsh environment; Not suitable for outdoor usage without protection

  • Main Project targets

    excellent performances in AC-Power applications up to high voltage and high current ratings; additional very good performances under high temperature and high humidity conditions; slight sizes increase compared to standard AC power series (i.e. MHBA); competitive price considering the increased performances level

  • Special development and deployment

    special finishing and protection materials; special film metallization and design; innovative production processes; dedicated machines and production tools; proper testing equipment and environmental stress test facilities

  • Main reference biased humidity tests

    AEC Q-200 cockpit test, 40°C 93% RH 1000h at rated voltage; 70/70/1000, 70°C 70% RH 1000h at rated voltage; IEC 60384-17:2019 Grade III, high robustness under high humidity test, 60°C 93% RH 1344h = 56 days at rated voltage; IEC60068-2-67 humidity load test (Test Cy), 85°C 85% RH 504h at rated voltage; AEC Q-200 85/85/1000 (Level 1), 85°C 85% RH 1000h at de-rated voltage


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