Film capacitors are in conformity with international standards and normative

Icel srl film capacitors are made in conformity with international standard and normative and also includes series approved by certification institutes as IMQ, VDE, SEV, UL, CSA.

The leading philosophy is high quality and reliability, as well as design high performance and long life components: Icel s.r.l. adopts 100% screening and test during the production cycle at final controls and guarantees a full traceability of the production steps.

Complete documentation about film capacitors specifications, technical details and quality assurance certifications

The increase of demand of high quality products and services from the market induces Icel s.r.l. to a constant improvement of its products, updating and increasing its production capability, adding new and technologically advanced machineries, constantly monitoring and improving processes. Icel s.r.l. adopts a flexible and efficient organization and a quality assurance system certified by DNV in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 normative.


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