Film capacitor manufacturers

Icel s.r.l. group presently includes:

- Vematron s.r.l., a distributor of electric and electro-mechanic components, testing and measuring instruments and production accessories.

Power capacitors and custom capacitors


We are well-known for our expertise in the production of power capacitors, our main manufactured item.

We are particularly specialized in the design and production of custom capacitors with a globally recognized high technological and qualitative content.

The main application fields of products are: UPS, INVERTER/CONVERTER, MOTOR CONTROL, WELDING, BATTERY CHARGER, INDUCTION HEATING, MEDICAL, TRACTION AND GREEN ENERGY (PHOTOVOLTAIC, EOLIC). Icel s.r.l. is always focused and up to date on the market needs.
For example, this fact induced to adopt, about 30 years ago, lug terminals executions for direct mounting on power modules with very low inductance.
Being the first to produce and sell this kind of capacitors, nowadays this represents a globally used technology for this application field.

Icel s.r.l. has been capable to reach very different markets all over the world thanks to:

  • Long history know-how
  • Flexibility and service
  • Design and production of custom capacitors
  • Support and cooperation


  • 1960

    Founded in 1960, Icel s.r.l is worldwide known as high quality producer of plastic film capacitors. Located in Castellanza (VA), at about 25km from Milano international airport Malpensa, the facility spreads over 8000 m2 land surface. Following the changes of the Market, Icel s.r.l. started as a small manually assembled manufacturer to become the fully automatized company that is now, able to produce higher volume electronic components keeping the best quality class level.

  • 60s and 70s
    60s and 70s

    Consumer market, mainly for electronic appliances

  • 80s

    telecommunications market, low tolerance capacitors

  • Since 90s
    Since 90s

    Power applications, axial and radial in box executions with pins or lug terminals.

  • 2015

    The new factory building increased the production capability and room availability for new machineries. It improved the manufacturing environmental-climatic control with the expansion of the testing facilities and R&D. The new data acquisition system, with a complete and detailed monitoring and tracking of the production data, allows statistical data analysis.
    Finally, new generation fully automated assembly machines, based on robot technology, increased the custom executions with more flexibility.


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