Davide Ghidoni, 25 years ago, knocked on the Icel’s door. The result? He's still here.

"I had finished the army service two before", says Davide smiling.
“My baggage of experience consisted of the preparation acquired from telecommunications school (I would have soon discovered it was just a taste), and some seasonal work.”

Can we say that in ICEL you found your first real job?

The first and only. Because we've grown together (I age faster, maybe).
Back from the military I was determined to look for a continuous and stable job. I contacted some companies, not too far from where I lived.

Tell us about your first day at ICEL

When I arrived here I was lucky to meet Alberto Mele, the progenitor of the Mele family who today continues to lead the company in the wake of his values.
Icel offered me a three-day trial, then a two-year apprenticeship when I managed very well with a job and so that they called me to the office and immediately offered me a permanent contract. It was a great satisfaction: a nice gesture of thanksgiving and trust.

And has your career evolved?

Of course. At the beginning I mainly dealt with the more manual and simple jobs, such as metallization. Today, when we have manual tasks to attend to (such as the storage of incoming goods) they often turn into "funny" moments in which even more laughter is triggered with colleagues.

What is your role today?

Growing up at ICEL meant for me learning all the fundamentals of the complete capacitor manufacturing process and specializing in one line: axial assembly (AAN141).
When I arrived this line was also innovative and for this reason I use to say that we grew up together.

What about your homework?

Balance, tape, proof, pre-test and seal.
If the AAN141 is my "home", I still remain rather transversal on almost all departments in case of need, thanks to the knowledge of the complete process, which is the first thing Icel made me acquire.

How did you learn what you know today?

At the beginning I was supported by the machine operators and in particular by the first mechanic, but there were also off-site courses to acquire new technologies.
Above all, I would say that the “watch and learn” rule is still valid here.
My colleagues have always been available and each of them welcomed me and "gave away" a piece of their experience.

How is the group of your colleagues?

We are a group made up of many different people, but always collaborative at work and united even in the most "personal" moments. During breaks we chat and confide in each other a little, like in a family, and it is also thanks to them that I wake up every morning happy to come to work.

And the relationships with the "management"?

The sense of family continues there too. Given my job, I often work in contact with Enrico Mele and the relationship with him is truly straightforward and collaborative.
I work a little less often with Giorgio, who is more technical. Perhaps precisely because we have less confidence, a sentence of appreciation that he gave me for a job well done, struck me a lot some time ago. These are the things that fill me with satisfaction.

Would you like to say thank you for something?

Of course yes. To my colleagues for the way they welcomed me 25 years ago, and for the wonderful relationship every day. To ICEL for allowing me to work in a serene and familiar environment, and with a constancy and reliability that allowed me, between the birth of my second and third child, to fulfill one of my and my wife's greatest dreams: buying a our own house.

And the future?

I like to learn, and here at ICEL there is always some technological innovation that allows me to do it.
So who knows what will happen in a day, a month or a year. The only sure thing for me is that it will happen in ICEL, if they want me (laughs).

The word to ICEL

We are proud of Davide's journey at ICEL and it strikes us (but it is not surprises us) that he chooses a strong word like "family" to talk about the company and his colleagues: it is what our grandfather taught us and what we have also pursued with the second and third generation of the Mele family.
Although today ICEL is a company that sells all over the world, our values and the atmosphere we want to remain is always that of a big family.
PS. Of course we want you, Davide, and we are curious to find out what good things we will do together in a day, a month, a year!


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